FAQs - Starkey Hollow Whitetails

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the restrictions on weapons used in the state of Ohio and how does that apply to an out of state hunter?

A. There are firearm restrictions that apply when hunting with us at Starkey Hollow and you may not use fully automatic weapons or calibers .50 and larger. You may use any type of weapon you want when hunting with us at whether you choose a pistol, shotgun, rifle, bow, crossbow it is your choice.

Q. What happens if the opportunity does not present itself?

A. You may come back on a mutually agreeable date.

Q. What happens if you draw blood but can not find?

A. Our guides will do everything we can to help track down the deer in the preserve. Sometimes though that is no possible. We can not stress enough the importance of marksmanship and a well sited weapon. If you injure an animal, that is your harvest and you are responsible for payment.

Q. Are there any Trophy Fees or any other fees in addition to your price quote?

A. No. However, there are four things that are not included in the quoted cost of the hunt and they include; your taxidermy work, local processing fee, any shipping fees, and a suggested tip to your guide.

Q. When does hunting season begin and end?

A. Velvet hunts begin around the 15th of August. The hard antler harvest will begin around Mid-September. Our hunting season usually ends around February 1st.

Q. What is the cost for a non hunting guest?

A. There is a fee of $200.00 per night for each non-hunting guest.

Q. Is a hunter’s safety card required for any one born after 1975?

A. Yes

Q. Can I upgrade once I get there and can I harvest more than one deer?

A. You can upgrade and harvest more than one deer for an additional cost.

Q. Is there platforms for bow hunters?

A. Yes our preserve offers excellent archery hunting for bow or crossbow hunters.

Q. Can I hunt with my bow for the first few hunts, and then switch over to a firearm should I not have any success with my bow?

A. Yes, this is not a problem.

Q. Do you offer Corporate Discounts?

A. Yes. Contact the lodge for more information.

Q. Do you furnish references?

A. Yes. Contact the lodge for more information.